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Equals IQ




eliminate panic attacks
detoxify body & mind
decrease pain
increased concentration
increase your energy
eliminate lethargy
higher mental acuity
increased creativity
increase productivity
remove mental blocks
reduce anxiety
decrease stress
increases libido
increased drive
increased confidence
restore your life
great work and study aid for businesses and students alike


The way to increase your efficiency,
 concentration and thereby your IQ.
The proprietary waveform structure
multi dimensional audio track overcomes
the adverse effects of being bathed in a
sea of radio frequency from wi-fi and
other sources that are like mind control
diminishing the human organism from
its full capacity.


Over three years of intensive research went into the creation of the IQ-CD.

It is not white, brown or pink noise and is not a combination of them.
It is a remarkable set of proprietary sequenced phase frequencies.

-easy listening, non distracting, similar to the sound of an ocean breeze-

NOTICE: this product is not a cure for any disease, nor is it intended to replace medical care from a physician. The IQ-CD is not a replacement for proper diet and exercise, however whatever your routine constitution the IQ-CD is sure to make some improvement; for some it may be miraculous.

   The consensus of opinion from non-government physicians and medical experts has not caught up with the vast number of medical studies on the effects of your being  exposed on a daily basis to various radio waves from satellites, wi-fi, cell phones and cell towers. The government has for the sake of military and industry greatly ignored the negative effects of radio emissions effects on people's nervous systems that has been proven to adversely affect people from the large number of books and research papers stating that the radio frequency bath the population is being exposed to interferes with people's physiology negatively. One of the specific factors of radio energy interfering with the body is from pulse modulation of radio energy that cause actual atmospheric pressure waves in a person's body tissue which can impact the nervous system from the pulses causing nervous system entrainment by the pressure waves acting as nervous system stimuli and also from such pressure waves jangling nervous system cells inner components causes the cells to operate at a state of depreciation of their efficiency to eliminate waste. Subjecting the body to electromagnetic pulsations from being constantly bombarded on a continual basis as we all are can cause inbalances in the physiology is a know fact, even short term exposure affects the physiology, the nervous system which disjoints the fine tuned human systems. The SEE IQ-CD whole body exposure to its low volume sound waves dampens radio frequency exposure on the surface of the whole body which sets up beneficial occilations in the body that counteract radio frequency pressure waves, also the audio sound going into the ears as with all stimuli causes the brain to have a background base of the specially organized "SEE IQ-CD" sound pressure that aids in smoothing out and dampening mental reactions.
The IQ-CD sound pressure smoothes out the pressure waves caused by radio wave pressure wave pulses but also reduces interferrence from sporadic neuron pulses emanating from cells that are toxic and operatng under par particularily in the forebrain, cells that are toxic may intermittently firing or not fire at all when they are supposed to from their being toxic from not being able to get rid of waste efficiently as nature intended. The audio smoothing of though processes from the proprietary "SEE IQ-CD" sound pressure is therefore in cases of neurons firing when they are not supposed to is dampening the neurons intermittent firing relative to the thinking process where your subconscious thoughts always going on in the background such as "worried thoughts" are suppressed by the "SEE IQ-CD" sound. Although it might be though that any distraction could reduce the intermittent neuron activity from the underlying subconscious from welling up into the conscious thought stream the "SEE IQ-CD" sound pressure was designed to work after all standard well known frequencies were found to be ineffective which included all forms of standard noise types such as brown, white and pink noise and binaural beats were all found to be ineffective. The "SEE IQ-CD" sound pressue effect is unknown as to its effacy to do what is mentioned here that it can aid a person. We make no medical claims, as to the actual mechanism beinf defined it is a prophylaxis effect from the external environment and a a prophylaxis effect for the very though processes a person has to keep them streamlined like a filter to focus your thoughts the way you want and need them to be.

Invented with consideration to the sound being easy to listen to as well, the inventor has several patents in the areas of aerospace, medical instrumentation and robotics. Your using the CD will increase your abilities and increase your general health, well being and intelligence quotient among the other advantageous issues mentioned in the list above.

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